Vegetation Solutions

     ...controlling unwanted vegetation with livestock.

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Weed Management

Brush Management

Garlic Mustard

Autumn Olive

Wild Parsnip


Crown Vetch

Multiflora Rose



Leafy Spurge



Prickly Ash

Other Weeds

Black Lotus


Other Woody Species



Forest Management

      Habitat Management

Oak Woodland Maintenance

Deer Habitat

Oak Savannah Maintenance

Rough Grouse Habitat

Red Cedar Removal

Grassland Maintenance

Forest Edge Maintenance

Firebreak Construction



Agricultural Management


Reclaim Old Pasture

Orchard/Vineyard Maintenance

Field Edge Maintenance

Land Reclamation/Reseeding

Increase Pasture Productivity

Park Maintenance




 Vegetation Solutions serves private and public landowners, government agencies, and commercial land holders. 

 Our team will develop habitat, wildlife and grazing plans tailored to your needs. We also remove vegetation by hand and mechanical means.   

 Please feel free to inquire about your specific site.  Controlled grazing can be applied to almost any situation.